Abstract Submission for Poster Session

Deadline:5:00 pm, Friday, September 15th22nd


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Registering as a new user. Thank you.
  1. lick the icon below to create your account for abstract submission with the e-mail address of your registration for JSCPB 2023.
  2. Login the submission site with your account and click “Abstract” to fill in the form.
  3. Submit” to complete your abstract submission.
  4. Confirm the “Published” if your abstract submission is successfully completed or not. Note that you can modify your abstract on “Your Abstracts” of the submission site until the deadline.


Poster Session Abstract Submission


Please check out how to fill out the abstract form 

    • LaTex-like equation typesetting is available as follows.
      e.g.1. Superscript: \(Na^{+}\) → \(Na^{+}\)
      e.g.2. Subscript: \(H_{2}O\) → \(H_{2}O\)
      e.g.3. Italic: \(Drosophila\) ; → \(Drosophila\) ; \(two\ words\) → \(two\ words\)
      e.g.4. Greek alphabet: \(\alpha\) → \(\alpha\)
      e.g.5. If you don’t want to italicise:\(\mathbf{Na}^{+}\) → \(\mathbf{Na}^{+}\)
    • Submission Requirement 3. Title: Use the capital letter at the beginning with no period at the end. e.g. Taste preferences in the blowfly Phormia regina
    • Submission Requirement 4. Author: Put an asterisk[*] at the beginning of the speaker’s first name.
    • Submission Requirement 5. Affiliation: Use the abbreviation. e.g. Department of Physilogy, Kochi Medical School → Dept. Physiol., Kochi Med. Sch.
    • Submission Requirement 6. Main Body: a maximum of 1,200 characters including spaces (no line break)